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  1. yousseffikani
    yousseffikani says:

    Não é legal misturar dois cantores gigantes da música libanesa e citar apenas o nome de wadi3 essafi e esquecer Nasri shams eddin.

  2. abuhamra
    abuhamra says:

    Ya Salammmmmmmmmmmmm
    Theres no way to hear it without tears coming out from the eyes
    Thanks for the sharing

  3. miketarrab13
    miketarrab13 says:

    That’s absolutly right. you can tell the voice is different, but after all it’s a good video, Thanks for uploading.

  4. xSheepz
    xSheepz says:

    kalem arabe? whats the name of the first song by wadi3? ill be grateful if u can upload it on rapidshare or something if u have it ^^ please, ty ^^.

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